10 Things to Do to Make a Great Dating Profile

The first thing you must do, when signing up for a dating app, is to create a profile. This includes posting a pic of yourself, questions regarding who you are, and what type of person/relationship that you are seeking from the site. I have come up with 10 suggestions for you to use to make your profile great. By doing the following things, your profile will definitely stand out:

1) Answer all profile questions.

2) Be honest with your answers.

3) Display several recent pics of yourself, not just one. (Make sure they show you in a natural setting, and not photoshopped pics.)

4) Ask your friends/family how they would describe you, then incorporate that in your profile.

5) Use proper grammar and spelling.

6) Be confident in what you say, but don't brag. (That can be a turn off for some people.)

7) Show positivity and don't make negative comments, such as things that you don't like. Focus on the things that you like, enjoy, and are interested in.

8) Don't be self-absorbed.

9) Don't be afraid to be flirty, if that is a part of your personality.

10) Write what type of person you are looking to meet.

(Don't be shy about this because you don't want to attract someone that is not your "type" or what your are attracted to.)

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