12 Signs That He Really Loves You

Does he really love me? He says he does, but does he really? I know that I have wondered that before, with a guy I was seeing. He said he loved me, but it really didn't show in the things that he did, and did not do. I used to question his sincerity when he told me he loved me. If you read on, you will be in a position to better answer that question about the man you are dating.

Sometimes is can be hard to determine if a man is falling in love with, or loves you. Some act as if they love you, but in reality, they just want you to think that they are in love with you or love you. Some can be quite deceitful because they want something from you.

It seems that most guys tend to express themselves non-verbally. He will do things that will make you feel special and wanted. He will show you that he loves you.

This is a list of 12 things (with a brief explanation) that a man will do when he loves you:

1. He unselfishly puts you above others. He puts your wants, needs, and happiness first.

2. He makes you a priority. He will make time to see you everytime the opportunity presents itself.

3. He initiates contact. He calls/text you first. He wants and loves to talk to you.

4. He makes you feel safe. He will protect you at all costs, when he is in love with you. He will be there with you through hard times, or when you experience difficulties in your life.

5. You are constantly on his mind. He can hardly stop thinking about you, talking about you, and is always trying to plan the next time when he can see you.

6. He keeps his promises. He will do what he says he will do, because he loves you.

7. He finds it easy to compromise with you. There is an even amount of give and take in the relationship.

8. He respects you and your opinion. Even when he disagrees with what you have to say, or how you feel, he will respect that. He will be respectful of the choices you make, he will respect your time, and he will respect your body, as well.

9. He wants more intimacy. He will want to kiss, touch, hug, and cuddle with you all the time.

10. He supports your dreams. He doesn't get in the way of what you want and choose to do in life.

11. He doesn't judge you for your oddness/nuttiness. He is not judgemental of the odd or crazy things you do.

12. He introduces you to his friends and family, the people he cares the most about. When he feels that the relationship is gonna last for some time, he will want others to get to know you too.

Going back to that ex of mine, I was right to question my ex's sincerity, because he really did not love me. I reviewed all of the about signs, and he lacked most of them. So we discussed the relationship, and I decided to break it off with him. What I was looking for in a relationship, I quickly learned that he was not looking for the same thing. That was a lesson well learned though. Each relationship should teach you something new: a lesson learned, what to avoid, or why and how you should do things differently in your future relationships.

I hope that this helped someone reading this, to determine if their guy really loves them. But don't just break it off, just because your guy may not show any or all of these characteristics. Have a discussion about your feelings and the relationship. You may just discover something new about him and the relationship.

Now, if all of these characteristics are present with your guy, he is in love with you. Or, he is a great deceiver. My advice, is to just be careful of your choices, and pay attention to the warning signs.

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