14 Definite Signs a First Date Went Well

First dates often bring a lot of nervousness, in anticipation of how the date will go. Will he/she be as fun or entertaining in person, as they are online or on the phone? Will we have chemistry? Will it be a disaster? How does he/she interact with other people? Are they rude or courteous to strangers? There are so many thoughts that goes through your mind prior to your first date with someone, that it can be a bit scary.

While you are on that first date, if the following things happened, there are signs that it actually went well:

1) The date lasted longer than planned.

2) Great conversation (You both showed interest in each other.)

3) You both have the same sense of humor, laughed at the same things.

4) Maintained great eye contact with each other

5) There was no desire to grab and look at your phone.

6) You felt comfortable being around that person.

7) They remembered something that you previously told them about yourself.

8) You talked about something meaningful to you.

9) You followed each other on social media.

10) You talked about seeing each other again (second date).

11) No excuses were made for why you couldn't see them again.

12) They walked you to your next destination (car, subway, etc.)

13) You shared what happened on your date with your friends/family.

14) Followed up after the date

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