16 Ways to Mend a Broken Heart After a Breakup

Getting over a broken heart can take someone through a lot of emotions, both up and down. People often go through some, if not all, of the stages of grief during the months (or even years) after breaking up with someone. The stages of grief are: 1) Denial and Isolation 2) Anger 3) Bargaining 4) Depression and 5) Acceptance. The healing process should not be rushed. The process can be hard to go through, and each break up is different. There is no set time to "get over" someone.

I have been through several break-ups, and none of them were good. Although I ended most of the relationships, the heartache, pain, agony, stress, and mental anguish was still there. It still hurt the same, as if my ex broke up with me, it seems. It took a lot of time to get over each relationship, and one I even had to seek the advice of a therapist, due to the deceitfulness of what occurred in the relationship.

The following list are things that you can do to help mend your broken heart:

⦁ Take time to grieve. (Being angry is ok, and that can take some time to get over.)

⦁ Take care of yourself (exercise, meditate, go for walks, etc.).

⦁ Avoid negative thoughts about yourself.

⦁ Do something that you enjoy and make you feel good.

⦁ Talk to friends and family about your feelings, and how they can help you.

⦁ Read self-help books and follow motivational speakers on social media.

⦁ Write down your feelings and thoughts of what went wrong/bad.

⦁ Don't forget what caused the break-up.

⦁ Get a new hobby or take a trip somewhere. Do new things.

⦁ Seek help from a therapist, if needed.

⦁ Don't communicate with your ex, including social media, calling, and/or texting.

⦁ Have a positive outlook. This heartache will not last forever.

⦁ State positive self-affirmations daily.

⦁ Avoid things and places that remind you of your ex, for awhile.

⦁ Don't suppress your feelings.

⦁ Take time before dating again. Don't jump into a new relationship before healing.

A relationship break-up can be upsetting, sad, cause anger, and make you feel very lonely. Just know that 1) you will grow from this experience, 2) you will learn lessons from the experience, and 3) time will heal your pain. A break-up is not the end of the world, although you may feel like it is, at the time. You will be a better person for it, trust me. I know from experience. Right now, I am the best me, that I have ever been. I know this is due to the relationships that I have been in, and the things that I have experienced in the relationships. I am stronger, more confident, and ready to love again.

I truly hope this blog help a lot of people to become their better selves and be better people over all.

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