35 Online Dating Conversation Starters and Advice

After making a great dating profile, many people will get matches, but will have no idea of where to start the conversation with their matches. How do you conduct yourself, and get to the know that person, so that you can see if you two are compatible? I have come up with a list of things to do (and not do), how to act, and what questions to ask so that you are not wasting your valuable time getting to know someone. The last thing you need/want is to later find out that the person that you are pursuing has a whole family or bad habit that you never even thought to ask them about.

  1. Don't overthink your interactions on an app.

  2. Don't automatically give the person you are talking to a pet name (like dear, honey, baby, sweetie, darling, etc.) when you first meet them.

  3. Don't talk sexually in the first few conversations, respectfully.

  4. Don't have a boring open conversation. Ask open-ended questions to get to know the person better.

  5. Comment on their profile picture.

  6. Give them your phone number.

  7. Be comedic. Humor goes a long way.

  8. Elaborate on answers to questions.

  9. Ask them what they expect from the dating app.

  10. Ask about their hobbies and what they like to do for fun.

  11. Ask what their favorite thing to do when they are not at work

  12. Ask about their career and why they chose it.

  13. Ask, "Tell me more about yourself."

  14. Ask what they have done that was fun recently.

  15. Ask for their opinion on certain topics.

  16. Ask who is the most important person in their life.

  17. Ask are they an introvert or extrovert.

  18. Ask about their most embarrassing moment.

  19. Ask about their best date and worst date ever.

  20. Ask what their favorite food/meal and restaurant are.

  21. Ask them to describe themselves.

  22. Ask if they prefer texting or talking.

  23. Ask what their favorite type of music is.

  24. Ask who their favorite movie, singer, comedian, etc. are.

  25. Ask what their turn-ones and turn-offs are.

  26. Ask what their dream vacation would be.

  27. Ask who is their celebrity crush.

  28. Ask what their personal and professional goals are.

  29. Ask if they have an kids or pets.

  30. Ask if they have any hidden talents.

  31. Ask what their religion is.

  32. Ask if they like/prefer cats or dogs.

  33. Ask what their biggest fear is.

  34. Ask them if they won the lottery for millions of dollars, what would they do with the money.

  35. Ask what they are most passionate about.

I think all of the above suggestions are great starter points to review to with your online matches, when trying to get to know them better to asset for compatibility. I hope this helps and save a lot of people time, potential heart-ache, and regret. Best of luck!

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