5 Steps to Successfully Date

Dating is how we find our mate/partner. There is a process to dating. The process includes steps. Once you know the steps, then you can learn how to be successful at it. It is important to prepare to date. You should know the steps it takes to seek out, attract, and interact with a potential mate/partner. When you are familiar with the steps of dating, then you can learn how to be better at it. According to Pyschology Today, the 5 steps to dating are:

Step 1: Understanding attraction and getting attention

Step 2: Making overtures and obtaining recognition

Step 3: Developing successful self-presentation and interactions

Step 4: Building rapport and touching

Step 5: Negotiating a mutually-satisfying resolution

I will explain what each step consists of, below.

Step 1: (Understanding attraction and getting attention) Determine what type of person that you want to attract, and what type of relationship that you want to have with them. Whether it is something temporary (hook-up), or something long-term (marriage), you should seek out ways of how to be a good partner, and determine what will attract that partner to you. {I’m not saying that you have to change who you are, but may want to tweak some of your idiosyncrasies, to bring out the best parts of yourself (so to speak).} This is an important step to identify and to establish, before pursuing that person.

Step 2: (Making overtures and obtaining recognition) You have to seek out places to find eligible people to date, and once you do, then you can put on that charm to reel them in. You can do this by establishing good conversation starters, and using body language to attract them to you, and make them more interested in getting to know you.

Step 3: (Developing successful self-presentation and interactions) Interact with your potential next date by being a little flirtatious, to let them know that you are interested in them, and are trying to pursue and get to know them. This will in-turn, hopefully, pique their interest in you, as well. You want them to be at a point of wanting to talk to you again, like a phone conversation, or even meeting up for a date.

Step 4: (Building rapport and touching) This is where you have a more in-depth personal conversation with each other, and plan to do other things together, in the near future. This will begin to establish a more profound connection with that person.

This is the also the step where the talking leads to physical intimacy. You and your dating partner will want to kiss and touch each other. That passion tends to be there, at this stage of dating.

Step 5: (Negotiating a mutually-satisfying resolution) Now this is the final stage where you both will try to determine if you two show a deeper interest in each other, and both want to take it a little bit further, and have more interactions with together. This is also when you and your date will determine if each of you are worth investing your time and possibly (in the future) giving your heart to.

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