8 Steps to Forever Love

Love is a continuous process. It's easy to fall in love, but it can be extremely hard staying in love. There are things you can do in your relationship, with your significant other, to enhance your chances of achieving long lasting love, aka forever love. The following is a list of those things:

1) Respect each other's boundaries.

2) Trust one another.

3) Communicate, acknowledge, and respect each other's feelings (hurt, pain, doubts, happiness, etc.). Both of you may not always have the same view of things. Have a discuss about it.

4) Forgive one another, and don't hold grudges.

5) Understand and respect one's need to be alone, and do some things without each other. Like going out with friends, co-workers, or family sometimes. Give each other some space and some time apart.

6) Support each other.

7) Have physical intimacy. This is important for the longevity of any relationship.

8) Spend quality time together and create some great memories, by making time for each other. Make time to go on dates and go out to events together.

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