A Great Way to End a First Date

You've met someone, managed to set a date, and you are on that date. Now how do you end the date in a classy way? First of all, you always should be honest and be open to new things. It is never a good idea to have someone think that you feel that you enjoyed yourself, or are really "into" them, when the opposite is really true. This could only cause frustration and a waste of both of your time, in the long run. Most people will know, on that first date, if they have chemistry with that person or not. Although, sometimes it may take a deeper conversation, or a few more dates to get to know that person a bit more. First impression can sometimes be misleading. Some things to consider are:

  • Do not lead people on. If you had fun and want to see your date again, tell them that.

  • If you didn't have fun, and you don't want to see them again, you can say something like "Take care" or "It was nice meeting you" at the end of the date.

  • If you really want to see them again, try to set up a second date, prior to the end of the first one.

  • If you don't want to see them again, then don't agree to those plans, if they bring up a second date. You don't want to lead them on. You can say that you will have to check your schedule and get back with them.

  • Lastly, be sure to thank them for going out with you.

You have to have a first date in order to find your "forever love." So, there is nothing wrong with going out on many first dates. Dating is how you get to know someone in your pursuit of a healthy, loving friendship/relationship. If your goal is to find a long-term committed relationship, I would suggest that you continue to date until you find that someone that you can be yourself around and that you never want to be apart from. This could be a fun and enlightening experience for you. Best of luck!

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