How to Tell if You Have Chemistry With Someone

Have you ever met someone and thought: We are so much alike, I just can't get enough of them, or I want to be around them all the time? You instantly feel a connect to that person. You are drawn to that person, and just can not get enough of their company or time. What you are experiencing is called chemistry. Chemistry happens naturally and instantaneously. When you meet someone, that chemistry grows as you spend more time with them.

Sometimes people mistake lust for chemistry. Lust is more of a temporary emotion, and tend to only be based on physical appearance and attraction. It is when you have a strong sexual desire for someone, and it is not the same as chemistry.

There are many types of chemistry, but this post is focusing on the physical and emotional chemistry between two people. Physical chemistry is when you want to be physically intimate with someone, and they feel the same way about you. Emotional chemistry is when you have the same mindset as someone; and you share the same beliefs, emotions, and attitude towards the same things.

Here is a list of signs that you have great chemistry with someone:

  • You are excited to see them.

  • You are physically and emotionally attracted to them.

  • You miss them when they are not around, and anticipate seeing them again.

  • You share passionate eye contact

  • Smiling and laughing all the time when you are with them

  • Flirting with each other

  • Able to be open up and be yourself around them

  • Able to be friends

  • Displaying body language (blushing, leaning into conversations, gazing into their eyes)

  • Paying close attention to each other

  • Time passes by faster than expected, when you are with them

  • You are learning new things when you are around them

  • You have the same sense of humor, and laugh at the same things

  • You share the same values as each other

  • Other people notice the chemistry

Many people are wanting and searching for this type of connection with a partner. It can be hard to find, but when you find it, you won't want to ever let it go. Once you discover that you have chemistry with someone, this is the best opportunity to develop it into a relationship. (If that is something that you want in your life.) Having chemistry with someone does not always mean that this person is "the one." Chemistry can fizzle out if you don't take advantage of the opportunity to take it further, and make it last longer. You have to explore your feelings and connection with this person, to see if it is what you want, and if it is right for you at this time in your life.

If these signs exist with you, and someone else, then you have chemistry and maybe that should be explored.

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