Wonder Why I Started A Dating App?

Updated: May 13

I have been working as a nurse for over 13 years now. While working as a nurse, I have heard many of my co-workers talk about their love life, flirt with the EMTs/paramedics, firefighters, the occasional police office that they have encountered during their shift, and how they would love to date one. (I know I always had a thing for firefighters.) This made me wonder if there was a dating app out their geared towards those fields. So, I did some research, and I saw some apps, but none strictly geared towards first responders, nurses and medical doctors only. I feel that Uniform Love is an app that is very much needed, wanted, and can be useful to many of my colleagues and co-workers.

The Covid-19 pandemic also played a big role in my decision to create a dating app. Nowadays, it is much harder to meet people face-to-face, and not as many people have been getting out or able to socialize as in pre-pandemic times. I feel that the Uniform Love dating app is especially needed, at this time.

I also wanted to include people who are seeking love from people in those chosen fields. I know plenty of people who have a "thing" for people in uniform. (I know I do!) Some people want the opportunity to have an exclusive place that they can rely on, that specifically has people in uniform, that are looking for love too. A dating app like Uniform Love would make meeting and getting to know someone in uniform so much less challenging.

A combination of all of the above reasons is why I decided to create the Uniform Love dating app. The goal is for Uniform Love to bring together many positive, long-lasting, and healthy relationships. I hope each user enjoys their experience with using the app, and meet their "Uniform Love."

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